The market is constantly changing and challenging us. In the Recruitment & Selection team at H&A, we are motivated to be strategic partners for our clients, shaping and implementing personalized solutions to empower organizations and leverage their businesses with the best talents.

We have a team of professionals specialized in various industries and market segments. We handle multiple categories, from operational searches to middle management positions, using methodologies tailored to each profile and conducting thorough evaluations.

Our Service Pillars

  • We maintain a smooth and ongoing communication with our clients, understanding their needs and collaborating closely to design search and identification strategies for the best candidates for each business and organization.
  • We operate with efficiency, creativity, and professionalism in every one of our processes.
  • We work daily to provide our clients with timely responses, ensuring a positive and pleasant experience for the candidates as well.
  • We have experience in complex and large-scale selection processes.

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