Temporary Staff

The hiring of Temporary Personnel allows our clients to focus on their business. This way, they can delegate the process of hiring new employees to a prestigious consulting firm that provides security and ensures compliance with all current legal frameworks.

Our company, registered and recognized by the Labour Ministry, offers our clients all the professionalism and expertise they need to concentrate on achieving their goals. We support each client need, adapting our processes and timelines to their requirements.

We provide solutions by supplying the right personnel at the right time and place. We offer services with specialized staff to ensure profitability, effectiveness, competitiveness, and sustainability in business operations.


Outsourcing is a practice adopted by most companies. It involves hiring specialized providers for certain services, allowing the company to concentrate on its core activities. In this way, the client company delegates some functions or tasks to another enterprise.

Moreover, this practice enables focusing resources and personnel on the core of their business and corporate strategy, while counting with specialized support in specific areas, which means not adding a real value within their own company.

Those clients who choose us have in mind becoming more efficient in allocating their own resources and maximizing the profitability of their businesses.

Our Service Pillars

  • We tailor each project individually, adapting our value proposition to the specific needs of each client.
  • Our expertise lies in mass recruitment processes, evaluation, and staff hiring.
  • We provide quick access to candidate databases, streamlining processes and response times.
  • Continuous legal, labor, and social security advice is provided.
  • We count with knowledge across various industries, collective labor agreements, and hiring modalities.
  • Our services are available in Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay

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